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"I took the cooking class with my mother this past winter and it was the highlight of our trip to Italy! The food was amazing and Nonie and Tita were accommodating, warm and fun....not to mention wonderful chefs!"

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Umbria is one of Mother Earth’s very special places, a region in central Italy that is as spiritually as it is physically engaging. Umbria’s colors, landscapes, art, history, and legends of local saints will transform you, the journeyer, in a magical way. They will take you back in time to the days of the ancient Etruscans and to the medieval ages, and return you to a present both contemporary and ageless.

When you travel through this enchanting and ancient land, you will need to eat. And that is why we invite you to include umbriacooks4u in your travels. We promise to provide you with an enriching experience into the back roads and culinary delights of Umbria.

imageIn Tita’s state-of-the art kitchen, we share her family secrets for traditional Umbrian dishes. Under our guidance, you, students of our cooking school can prepare local specialties using the best commodities the region has to offer: olive oil, prized lentils, cured meats, mountain cheeses, and a variety of wines. We will tailor the menu for your visit to your tastes and preferences, accommodating both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Upon request we can also come to you, providing cooking lessons at your villa rental. And in the dining room of Tita’s hillside home, we serve full-course Umbrian meals to groups as small as four and as large as ten.

While Tita’s kitchen offers the best in modern culinary equipment, her ancestral home on a hillside studded with ancient olive groves goes back many generations. Though Tita learned most of her cooking skills from her maternal grandmother, her culinary heritage dates back to the Etruscans who populated the fertile valleys between the Tiber and Neva Rivers before the Roman Empire.


We guarantee we will make sure you will leave the hills of Umbria feeling nurtured physically as well as spiritually.