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"We had a wonderful experience cooking with the "stars" as we refer to Nonie and Tita. The entire day went smoothly with Nonie picking us up at the train station and driving us to Tita's beautiful country home."

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In this section of the site you will find articles and reviews of our cooking school in Umbria as well as comments from clients who have taken our cooking classes and those who have dined with us at Tita's house near Perugia or had a dinner catered at a villa rental.

The following are articles and reviews of Umbria Cooks 4U cooking classes.

umbriacooks4u was featured in the Q&A section of Taste Italia, July 2008.


Q I really enjoy trying new ingredients, so when my brother went on holiday to Umbria, he brought me back some local black truffl es. What is the best way to use them? Brenda Jones Basingstoke

A The black truffle is a fungus that grows among in the Umbrian forests. It should be cleaned using a brush, before cooking. The black truffle tastes delicious pounded into a paste with a drizzle of olive oil, then spread on bruschetta. If you would like to use the truffl e as part of a dish, why not try strangozzi con tartufo nero, a recipe originating from Norcia, which will serve 4-6 people.

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See below a review of umbriacooks4u in the DinersFavorites June Newsletter by culinary professional Carol Mulcrone

imageSix of us were planning a 10-day stay in a Tuscan villa when the question of how we would spend our days came up. What did we want to see and do other than enjoy the lovely countryside, shop, and eat and drink away our nights? Our travel agent gave us tour and activity suggestions that we might enjoy. On that list was a cooking class in neighboring Umbria, near Perugia.

At first I thought I would just stay at the villa and read while others went. But, thankfully, I thought better of the idea and signed up for the umbriacooks4u class. It was without a doubt the best day of my entire vacation!

Five of us headed off to Perugia on a beautiful November morning to meet Nonie, who was taking us to Tita's ancestral home on a hillside in Fontanabella overlooking the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Once there, we knew we had become part of a new family for a day.

First we got to know each other. Nonie and Tita wanted to know how we were all related and we wanted to know how a girl from The Bronx (Nonie) ended up in the kitchen with Tita at her ancestral home in Italy. It turns out that their friendship began in 1974 at the University of Perugia, when Nonie was spending her junior-year abroad. They combined their passions for entertaining (Nonie) and cooking (Tita) and created umbriacooks4u that offers cooking classes and private dinners. We got cooking lessons and enjoyed a private dinner that we helped prepare!

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Read an article published on the April 24 issue of The Medical Post, "Gateway to Umbria" by Dick Bowen.

imageConcerned that too much art, like too many successive days in the office, might narrow our focus, we left the world of frescoes entirely, and enrolled for a night class: "Pizza U." Actually, it's "umbriacooks4u," a labour intensive venture operated by two capable and charming women from Perugia.

Our lesson was intensive: "Never let the yeast touch the salt when you're mixing them with the flour; use your own olive oil; all the ingredients should be fresh; the oven should be at 400°F; put the pizzas in only when the firewood has all turned to ash."

We didn't violate any major rules and the pizzas were superb.

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Umbrian Cooking Class

In typical Karen travel fashion, I decided a couple of days before jumping on a train that I wanted to take a cooking class in a smaller, hill-side Italian city. Robyn was a good sport in this spontaneous travel planning and trusted that things would work out. And man, did it work out! I called the number on the UmbriaCooks4U website to see if they would give a class for only 2 people and on only 2 days notice. I was a little worried that communication would be a problem when a very Italian voice answered the phone " Pronto .". . . "Um, do you speak English?" Instantly, the voice changes to the Bronx-laden English of Nonie, half owner of this cooking experience endeavor. " Only 2 people? And day after tomorrow ? Let me check with the chef, but I think it'll be OK ." A couple of phone calls later, we're all set. On the train to Perugia, Robyn asks what we'll be cooking. "You know- typical Umbrian food" I answer kind of vaguely. In other words, I have no idea...

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Born at a kitchen table, Umbriacooks4u is a recipe for success

Some of the best ideas are born around a kitchen table, and Umbriacooks4u is one of them. The venture between longtime friends Nonie and Tita has proved itself a recipe for success since the two concocted a business offering cooking lessons and private dinners at the turn of the 21st century.

Nonie, a native New Yorker who enjoys entertaining, and Tita, a native of Umbria who loves to cook, have shared many a meal with family and friends since meeting at the at the University of Perugia in 1974.

What they offer their cooking students at Umbriacooks4u is unique, giving visitors to Central Italy's "green heart" the possibility to learn regional Italian cooking from the perspectives and skills of an American and Italian...

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Discovering ‘la dolce vita’ in Italy’s Umbria region

International Travel News online article

Aside from press coverage of our Italian cooking school, you can also read comments from students of our cooking classes here!