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"We had a wonderful experience cooking with the "stars" as we refer to Nonie and Tita. The entire day went smoothly with Nonie picking us up at the train station and driving us to Tita's beautiful country home."

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Sample cooking class menu

Below is a sample menu from one of our cooking classes. It will give you an idea of the types of dishes you will learn to prepare.

Hors d’oeuvres

Torta al Testo con Provolone e Melanzane
(Flat bread with Provolone and Eggplant )

Torta al Testo con Stracchino e Rucola
(Flat Bread with S  oft Cheese e Rucola )

Cestini di Parmigiano Reggiano con le Pere
(Parmesan Reggiano Cheese Baskets with Pears)

Torta Rustica
( Tita’s Pie )

First Courses

Pasta e Ceci
(Chickpea soup with pasta)

Spaghetti con Pomodorini Pachino
(Spaghetti with oven cooked cherry tomatoes)

Meat Dishes

Straccetti all’Alloro
( Veal Strips with Laurel )

Spinaci in Forma
(Spinach in a mold)


Tortini Fondenti al Cioccolato
(Melting Chocolate Mold)

Vini rossi e bianchi tipici Doc Umbri
(Red and white Umbrian Doc Wines)


Vino Passito
(Sweet Wine)