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"Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon we would love to be able to return and enjoy another afternoon with you."

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Umbria Jazz

This year's edition of Umbria Jazz runs from 7-16 July 2017, in Perugia.

Jazz Festival

During The Umbria Jazz Festival, umbriacooks4u changes venues, moving from Tita’s country house to Nonie’s terrace in her apartment in Perugia’s historic town centre. The change of venue gives concert-goers the option of enjoying the culinary traditions of Umbria for lunch or dinner.

The Umbria Jazz Festival transforms Perugia into New Orleans -- a Big Easy, where for ten days, from morning until the wee hours, the historic town centre is filled with great music. It is a festival for attentive, motivated listeners, but a festival that leaves no one out. There is plenty for those who simply wish to spend a peaceful holiday in Umbria punctuated by the sounds of jazz, soul, R&B, blues, gospel, pop and salsa.

Nonie’s apartment is strategically located. It’s a seven-minute walk to the Corso Vanucci, where from midday until midnight there are free open-air concerts as well as concerts in theatres and the auditorium. And it’s a five-minute walk from the Santa Giuliana Arena, the comfortable and spacious main stage of the Umbria Jazz festival.

Outside dinner

The festival brings music lovers and players young and old to town and gives local musicians a chance to jam with festival performers. The streets are alive with people carrying instruments on their shoulders or in their hands, walking to the pubs for jam sessions.

Wherever and whenever you choose to hear festival music, we think you’ll enjoy the music much more after having satisfied your palate with a delicious meal of regional specialties cooked with fresh local ingredients. We urge you to try a midday meal in the sun or a supper under the Umbrian moonlight.

Umbriacooks4u was proud to host the festival headliner, Soulive, for dinner before their performance. Soulive’s visit was a treat for all of Nonie and Tita’s friends—especially for Nonie’s elder son Ugo.



I cannot say enough wonderful things about the private dinners that Tita and Nonie cooked for us while we were visiting Umbria. (It is important to note that I am a foodie and extremely picky -- I insist on eating the very best.) We scheduled a private dinner for 10 to be held before we went to the Umbria Jazz Festival. It exceeded all our expectations -- it was perfect down to the very last detail. We were traveling as part of a larger group and when we shared our experience, the group insisted we try to book a larger dinner. On very short notice, Tita and Nonie agreed and we had yet another amazing meal. I can't thank them enough for the dinners and the unique experience. The memories of these dinners have made my top 5 of all time great food experiences.
Sally Ward,
Los Angeles, CA